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Last Will Probate law

Planning ahead for your own passing or dealing with the legal process after the passing of a loved one can be difficult, but the Law Office of Tony A. Pitts can help you through this difficult time with our probate and estate planning services.


We understand that communication is the key to ensuring that your probate case goes as smoothly as possible, and we'll keep the lines of communication open with you throughout the entire process.

An Experienced Probate Law Attorney

Probate and estate planning services you can trust

Estate Administration: obtaining letters of administration where a person passes without a Will, or obtaining letters testamentary where a person passes with a Will


Determination of Heirship: seeking a declaratory judgment from the court determining the heirs of a decedent


Probate Of Will as a Muniment of Title: probating a Will simply to establish title to the beneficiaries when it is not necessary to administer the estate


Independent Administration: administering the estate of a decedent in the absence of judicial supervision


Small Estate Affidavits: simpler and less expensive process for administering a small estate without having to obtain letters of administration


Temporary Administration: seeking short-term appointment as the administrator of an estate to prevent the estate from being damaged by foreclosure, etc.


Guardianship: instituting a guardianship or temporary guardianship action, defending a guardianship or temporary guardianship action, or exploring alternatives to guardianship


Simple Wills: drafting single Wills and joint or reciprocal Wills for persons or couples with estates valued at $1 million or less


Powers of Attorney: drafting limited powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney, springing powers of attorney, and medical powers of attorney


Living Wills: drafting an instrument that gives your care directives to your medical care provider in the event that you are not able to do so

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